Become autonomous in the launch and follow-up of your IT security training campaign thanks to an easy-to-use platform and ready-to-use access portals.


It only takes a few minutes to launch an awareness campaign and comply with the requirements of your industry.

RapidAwareness, the "turnkey" solution to meet this challenge simply and in 20 minutes!

Extremely simple, RapidAwareness allows, in record time, and without special skills to:

  • implement and deploy IT security training in just a few clicks;
  • take advantage of ready-to-use access portals, pre-recorded messages and reminders;
  • measure and assess buy-in for the action.

Ready-to-use awareness campaigns

RapidAwareness is an extremely simple online awareness campaign solution that allows in record time and without special skills to implement and distribute ready-to-use IT security training.

RapidAwareness User Manual